About our Company

Fan Favorite Mission is to provide opportunity, hope, inspiration, and resources for individuals to overcome obstacles and struggles they have or are constantly faced with. We use our platform to educate, empower and position all of our members.


"Playing basketball at the University of South Carolina, I experienced a few setbacks. I was able to overcome my injuries by having internal confidence, belief, and faith. These values along with my support system of close encouraging family and friends help make me become the person I am today,

Fan Favorite. "

- La'Keisha Sutton, Founder and CEO of Fan Favorite LLC.


I want to help create other "Fan Favorites" (leaders), in the world. I founded this company to help individuals mature mentally, grow spiritually, and live passionately while pursuing their dreams. I love preparing "Team Fan Favorite" with life skills to excel academically, artistically, and athletically.


Fan Favorite was designed to establish a fun family of leaders, creatives, visionaries, winners, scholars, and dreamers to continue to change the world. We provide each other with a blueprint for success and a support system.

Fan Favorite Club, encourages individuals to take active responsibility for pursuing their dreams by having the F.A.N.F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E. mentality. We would like to thank those who have joined in our vision and have supported our projects, services, campaigns, and community events since 2013. We know there are more people in the world we need to support and keep encouraged, we need your help identifying other Fan Favorites in the world, so we can collectively continue to make a difference. #teamfanfavorite