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Fan Favorite Peaceful Partners

Here's a list of some of our absolute FAVORITE courses on campus. 

  1. Urban Promise Trenton -------------------------------- Lesson: Together We Can Do What We Cannot Do Alone.
  2. RGX Customize Sports Apparel ---------------------Lesson: Be A Blessing Share A Blessing.
  3. Sean Hardeman's Ball Hard BBall Company -----Lesson: How To Be An Icon Living. 
  4. My Life Movement ---------------------------------------Lesson: Coating The Community (with love and care). 
  5. Henry Gee & Lesson: Love Is Love. He Shows LOVE to EVERYONE! 
  6. Trenton Catholic Academy-----------------------------Lesson: We All We Got We All We Need. Leave A Legacy.
  7. St. Raphael's Holy Angels -----------------------------Lesson: I Believe In Me. Confidence is Everything. 
  8. The Love Change ----------------------------------------Lesson: There's Power in Affirmations! Love Changes. 
  9. WEPAC Organization -----------------------------------Lesson: Community Unity Helps Somebody  To Survive. 
  10. 1st Fam Radio---------------------------------------------Lesson: We Are The Industry! Expose Home Town Heroes. 
  11. Trenton Health Team -----------------------------------Lesson:Trenton Makes You Strong,Cigarettes Make You Weak
  12. Buford Collins  --------------------------------------------Lesson: Exchanging Stories Can Save Your Life.
  13. Pass Tha Ball ---------------------------------------------Lesson: Push, Lead, Focus & Grind. Girls Basketball Matters!
  14. Basketball Behavior-------------------------------------Lesson: Fan Favorite is loved, and needed in Alaska!
  15. Stereo Champions --------------------------------------Lesson: This is How a Website is Suppose to Look. Dope!
  16.  Coach Tea ------------------------------------------------Lesson: Hoops Before The Streets!