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Fan Favorite Hall of Influence

At Fan Favorite Club, our goals are simple: 

  1. Be Honest
  2. Be Organic 
  3. Be Grateful 
  4. Be A Student 
  5. Be Influential 

We would like to say Thank You to every single individual who has supported the building of Fan Favorite Club . It seems like just yesterday we opened our doors to the public. SO many people from all different communities, demographics, ages, countries, walks of life, have consistently walked to class with us. 

This brand is YOURS just as much as it is ours.

1. Fan Favorite University is the best school in the country because of YOU! 

2. Fan Favorite University continues to grow and be discovered by other Fan Favorites because of YOU! 

3. Fan Favorite University continues to create new opportunities and blueprints for you because of YOU! 

4. Fan Favorite University's concrete building will be another goal that comes to fruition because of YOU! 

Special Acknowledgements Goes to the First 11 individuals that will be inducted into the

 Hall of Influence! (no particular order). 

  1. Dave Collins ---- Columbia, South Carolina
  2. Stoyan Denef ---- Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
  3. Kendall Corbin ---- Florence, South Carolina
  4. Heather Hill ---- Monks Corner, South Carolina
  5. Kelvin Russell ---- Stonemountain, Georgia
  6. Kevin Maloney ---- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  7. Kelsey Woods ---- Ware Shoals, South Carolina
  8. Sara Haas ----- Hamilton, New Jersey
  9. Aaliyah Simone ---- Trenton, New Jersey 
  10. Courtney Cyriaque ---- Boston , Massachusetts 
  11. Chelsea Krieger ---- California

Again, we love and more importantly sincerely do appreciate each and every one of you! Hope you will continue to walk this journey on campus with us. If not, we will still cheer for you and wish you the best!